Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Want to buy some of my art here's how...

My art is sold at BON CASTOR a Bywater store. They can be looked up on facebook or on google search.

I also do Personalized Dudes and Dudettes and am now starting to do cartoon animals as well. To buy a personalized painting email me a photo of what you want at "dude.dudette.art@gmail.com" the paintings can be completed within 1 week. Then shipped. The cost depends on the size of the canvas and the shipping cost. I accept cash only. After cash has been mailed and I have received  it your painting will be shipped out the next day.

I am also having a 1 month art opening at SAINT COFFEE a Bywater coffee shop. This will take place the month of March 2013. Unless date is changed.

Most people know me from CHAZ FEST a once a year festival also in the Bywater.

Finally there is a possibility that I will be having art sold at THE JOINT in the Bywater.

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